Friday, October 9, 2009

The Bud Garric Pattern Classic - Friday

A nice sleep in day for us after a great dinner and evening around the fire last night. This morning we will load up Franks' trailer & truck with a huge load of raffle prizes he has received from various RC suppliers. The garage is full of great stuff!

Hartley will take his rig down as well and set up for the weekend event so we will use it as base camp at the field. Nice to have friends! I will give Frank a hand and get is some practice flights as I have not flown since Mission.

The gals will head off for a trip into Placerville and some wine tasting etc.

BTW: Pictures will be posted at or click on the link on the right side of the page.

More later.......

Ok it's later :-) I drove out with Frank as he towed his trailer full of planes and RC stuff. Hartley followed with his RV and we arrived at the field around 11:30. We set up and joined the lineup for practice rounds. I had not flown in a month so it was nice to get the fingers moving again.

We got reacquainted with some old friends and met some new ones as well. The weather was great with a nice steady blow in to keep the guys honest. The flying I witnessed was very smooth and it will make for a great contest for all those in attendance. Looks like a good crowd for the event. Some of us got registered early and received the highly coveted, commemorative Bud Garric Pattern Classic Peter Grimm Gambler Hat... Frank and I model this years edition below.

We manage to get in three good flights and then started to pack up our gear as the sun was swinging into the box. We flew the last flight offset to make things easy.

After the practice session I joined Hartley and we headed to the local RC store to check things out. Frank was on a mission to get a certain "Kielbasa Sausage" so he left early for a specific Costco outlet in the next county :-)

After buying some small RC items we headed back to Frank's place and met up with the gals and exchanged the days stories & events. Frank says I have to get up early tomorrow (05:25 departure!!!) as we are going for breakfast with some of the regulars in Folsom (near the prison I think :-)

More pictures posted as well.

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