Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Finals - Round 4 Unknowns

Drama is building as the unknowns will determine the US Team.... Chip, Andrew and Brett are battling it out. Chad is flying well but of course will not be on the US team even if he has a great last round..... he's ours!

Jason was first up but made some errors and will not score at the the door is wide open for a 1000. It could go any direction for the battle to represent the USA in Portugal 09.

Bill just landed and he's followed by Dave Lockhart. Chip has now flown and the raws are starting to come back. Andrew up now.... winds have picked up from the SSW.

Seems like a bit of a delay in getting scores. Just hope they keep bring the raws over from the clubhouse... not sure if they will hold them to make the announcement of the team...??? They did bring Jasons :-)
Ok I see the golf cart again... Troys up now... Quique had engine trouble again and was forced to land... I'll try and find out what happened.... Quique says that the power issues have appeared at the same time with both airframes... after changing ignition systems the result was the same... so back home to test the equipment and find the cause.

Meanwhile we await the raws... Jeopardy Music plays...

Andrew. 1484
Brett.... ..1472
Chip....... 1447
Chad...... 1385
Dave...... 1356
Jason.....1290 (couple zeros I believe)
Bill......... 1230
Quique... 135 (power problems again)

Special thanks to Mike Wickizer for helping me obtain the raws in a timely fashion..... heck we even beat Jason to the posts! Now that is fast!
Chatting about the event. Awaiting scores.
Well it's been fun doing this blog... lots of work though! We leave at 5pm sharp so it's quite possible that I will not get the results in time :-( If this happens go to RCU - Pattern - Nats or go to the Nats News link. I will stay close as long as I can.
The US team will be

Finals- 3rd Round - F-09

Ok they are just reviewing all the details with the judges... should be starting shortly. Peter Collinson is now doing the demo flight with his Integral.

BTW The time on the bottom of the post is 3 hours behind Muncie Time... you'll have to do the math ;-)

14:04 local - We are more than half way through the 3 round with Troy, Shaun, Brett, Bill and Dave Lockhart finished... Chip is in the air now.. er just landed and Andrew is up.

Brett, Bryan and Quique discuss Brett's 3rd round.

Raw stcores are on there way as I see the golf cart coming ;-) They do the scoring at the Farmhouse so score sheets go back & forth.

Sean...... 1657

Troy........ 1675

Mark messes with Nedim as he sleeps.

Chad & Nedim before his last F-09... He flew well.
All the raw scores are coming back and it looks like Jason has clinched a spot on the US team.

Quique was just starting his sequence when his engine sounded like it went lean. He had to bail and landed his Euphoria without trouble. He was obviously dejected.
Jason.......... 1833
Andrew....... 1823
Chip............ 1761
Chad ......... 1740
Brett.......... 1738
Troy........... 1675
Shaun......... 1657
Bill.............. 1656
Dave........... 1653
Quique....... 627

Finals - Unknown Round 2

AC Glenn is flying the Unknown sequence for the judges right now 10:45 Standby for more...:-)

Everyone watches the unknowns for the first time.

Just had this past to me.... top six raws are :

Jason 1854, Brett 1795, Quique & Chip 1792, Sean 1775 and Andrew 1756... Ill get the rest asap.

Andrew is now up first and everyone is watching.

Chad on approach after his round.

Chad had a pretty good round with some errors in his rolling circle. He also exited the reverse Knife edge inverted and into the figure nine upside down... two zeros arghh. It's tough when your string these together and although inverted they looked great ;-)
More pictures on the Nats Pictures 2008.

Here is a shot of the sound meter readings for the first round.... hey I am inquisitive on your behalf ;-)
Brent just landed and had a very solid round, he was followed by Dave Lockhart and then Chip... I will update with raws when I can get at them.
Ok latest raws I have from my "source" are:
Jason ......1584
Andrew.. 1436
Chad........1267 (two zeros...ouch)
Judges are taking a break as Nedim and I check over the scores.... Time for Chad to step it up in the next two flights.

Friday Finals - Round 1

FYI Go to the bottom for latest updates this morning....

First off I want to apologize to all those folks looking for Masters results and info... as we have shifted to support mode in Chad's efforts in the Finals and the fact we all fly FAI :-)

We loaded the van with all our gear and head to IHOP for one last breakfast. Arrived at site #1 and cruised around taking pictures. All the planes and pilots are ready but we are on Muncie time and have not started to fly... it's 08:26 a.m... not sure but everyone is just standing around.
Scuttlebutt has it that some paperwork was left in a Muncie hotel room.... not sure if a hot Hells Angels girl was involved. (Canadian Joke:-)

Nedim is trying hard to handle the pressure of calling for Chad but he will do fine. Chad is very relaxed as he has already met his main goal of just making it to the finals.

Nedim took this shot of me in my "blog" position.

Stay tuned... looks like they are starting. Peter Collinson is doing the demo flight for the judges right now.. 0845. New Pictures on the "Nats Pictures 2008" link

Down to Andrew now as he is putting in a pretty good round... slight flaws. Chip appears to us to be in the lead right now with the best flight. Chad next.

George Kennie

Ok Chad had a pretty good flight with some minor deviations. It was not as solid as he has flown in the past... he seems to be taking it in stride. QQ just flew but it appears his plane did not make sound... they have impounded it. Yikes!

Shaun up now. He had a strong flight and will be in good position I think.

They retested Quique's Euphoria and it passed.

Ok Brett and Jason have just flown. Prior to that both Quique and Chip were tied with Andrew right behind. We will have to wait for the results. Quique is having engine problems and has been running up his airplane... he may be going to the backup for the first round of Unknowns.

It's break time before the demo pilot takes the judges through the 1st Unknown round.