Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bud Garric Pattern Classic - Saturday

Up at 5 am for our trip into Folsom for breakfast. Met up with the gang and after stuffing ourselves full, headed to the field for an 8am start... er well we started flying after 9:30 once the BBQ's were set up and the obligatory pilots meeting. A total of 27 competitors arrived for this event and we all enjoyed the spectaular weather... light winds and 70 degrees in the shade.

The lines were kept going steady with every class putting in three rounds with the exception of FAI that managed to squeeze in a forth round. We were treated to an awesome dinner and enjoyed some night flying as well.

We headed home and I am told that the 6a.m. breakfast is on again tomorrow so off to bed!

BTW More pictures posted

Results after Saturdays flying are....





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