Monday, November 19, 2007

Buenos Aires Day 2

Met up with Mark & Robyn for breakfast in the hotel. Its included every morning in our “package deal” the gals arranged. The hotel is not as nice as Santa Fe but its clean and close to everything. We are right on #9 De Julio, “just minutes from the shops” according to Kelly. Wireless helps me get the blogging done at breakfast!

Kelly took this shot of me infront of the Obelisco... I figure its at the top of the box :-)

We walked many miles today and my legs are feeling it! Mark got his 400th geocahe at a very interesting Argentinian Tall Ship.

#400! Very cool.

There is a very sleek pedestrian swing bridge down at the waterfront. Here is a shot of the gang.

We scouted out some eateries down by the water frontand decided on Italian tonight just for a change of pace. I wonder if the spaghetti will taste as good as my moms...:-)

The rest of the team fly out today at 18:15 and we will head home Wednesday. We are sitting in the right now watching the largest traffic jam I have ever witness... we are guessing at 22 plus lanes of bumper to bumper rush hour traffic! I'll take some pictures tonight/tomorrow. For all you RC guys hoping for pictures of Latin American hotties... neither Mark or I have seen any.... well maybe a few :-)..... the women have seen lots of good looking men though :-)

Dinner as planned was Italian. We grabbed a cab and went back down to the waterfront as Mark had spotted a great menu from one of the many restaurants in the area. The cab ride was a nice break from the many miles of walking we have done in the past few days. Although the cabbies could not speak English, we managed to travel both ways with no difficulty whatsoever. Our total return cab fare down and back was $6.50 Canadian including tip! Forget walking! Check out the video :-)

Here is the gang in the cab. We strolled around, took some more night pictures and then loaded up on pasta. It was delicious and very filling.

After dinner we continued to stroll (to work off the pasta!) and came across a soccer game being played under the lights. We stayed for ten minutes and marveled at the speed & skill these players exhibited as well as the seriousness of play. It was like pickup hockey... only better quality.

Kelly and I on the pedestrian bridge.

Kelly and Robyn in front of this neat neon art deco “sculpture”.

We then managed to get the last geocache in Buenos Aires for the four of us. It was a "micro" with coins in it so we left a Canadian quarter and Robyn left a coin and Canada Flag pin.
We then grabbed one of the half million cabs driving around the city for the trip home to the hotel. We are done for the night.

Buenos Aires Day 1

It’s a wrap on the 25th Worlds! We had a great time at the banquet the night before but it was so late into the evening (dinner was served at 23:00) that most teams headed out after desert was served. We met up with the gang the next morning for breakfast and a rehash of the previous day’s events.

We said our goodbye’s to my fellow team members and friends before leaving the winds of Santa Fe and the now simple sanctity of one plane and one pilot working the flight box. We trade that for the super pedestrian shopping area of Buenos Aires and the chance to rub elbows with half a million other shoppers! Even my wife is in S.S. mode…. “Shopper Shock”. Every fancy shopping store is located in a special walking area in the heart of the city just off the main street of #9 De Julio. Now when I say “Main Street” I am not kidding…. it has more lanes than our very own BC Ferries parking lot.

Team Suriname heads down the highway.

I was very lucky on the shopping trip with Kelly today as I was able to pick up a couple Pico Dulce suckers. These are great little treats and help pass the time as the wife drags me from store to store. (Just ask Andrew Jesky… it worked for him before round 4 on Saturday!)

Anyway I did actually pick up some men’s cologne as my previous scent had long since mellowed since my glow powered days:-) .
We had a good look around and found some great parks close by. We plan to check them out over the coming days.

We had a great steak dinner (best so far) at a restaurant close to our hotel in the walking district. They have a huge BBQ pit going and it was incredible service from start to finish. We decide after dinner that it will be our “last meal” location prior to leaving Wednesday.

We walked back to the hotel on a great evening. We are beat so it's early to bed for all of us. We plan on doing some geocaching tomorrow.
More on my pack issue later :-)