Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buenos Aires Day 3

Met up with Mark & Robyn for breakfast in the hotel as this is our normal meeting process. This is also our blogging/e-mail time as well although connection has been hit and miss the last couple days.

The plan is to split up this morning as they have several shops scoped out that they want to visit. Kelly wants to do the other half of the pedestrian street that we have not seen yet. I will …gulp… do my duty and shop with her for the morning at least. Hey it’s a small sacrifice and how often do you get a chance to do it in Buenos Aires… besides I am planning on picking up an MZ-14 so brownie points count!

NEWS FLASH!! Ok I never thought it possible! After leaving Kelly in the shops, I returned to the hotel to get some blogging updated and e-mails read. When she returned later in the day, she uttered the words I have waited to hear for a long time…. “I never what to go to another store”…. I was dumbfounded, shocked and totally unprepared! Wow with the money we will save that MZ-14 is looking better all the time! Mark and Robym also hit the stores.. twice actually and were also shopped out much like Kelly.

We headed for dinner but to my amazement, (not really :-) Kelly had recovered slightly from her “shopper shock” and managed to hit a couple shops before we ate. We return to the airport tomorrow and, as we have a noon check out time, we have made arrangements for a 13:00 car drop. This is going to give us lots of time to clear Argentinean Customs and get all our stuff checked in before our departure. I am betting Kelly’s bag(s) will be overweight :-)

Here are a couple pictures as we walked about. Sometimes a strange mix of old & new buildings.

Lot's of dog walkers.

Statue at Pellegrinni's memorial.

Ok this is the plate of steaks they bought out at La Estancia Parradilla (BBQ) to show the customers. We had to put this picture up so Kelly’s brother Rodney (a big beef eater BTW) could see it as a picture is worth a thousand words. HUGE steaks! Very impressive!