Saturday, November 10, 2007

One day to go!

Up at for the start of our day. We headed for breakfast all decked out in our Team Uniforms. We looked very sharp if I don’t say so myself : -)

We departed for the main flying site at 7:15 to get our practice flights in during our allotted 45 minutes. We watched the French team fly then Chad, Dez and I each flew a round.

Chad put in one more flight following a “Stop Fly” order due to an arriving full size airplane. We had a very strong blow in which made the crosswind T/O’s & landings a challenge as the airport taxiway we used as our runway was quite narrow.

Chad had a solid flight with just minor deviations and Dez followed right after. I had some strong winds to deal with following a long sound check… 94 DB (the limit). The experience was both humbling and exciting at the same time… very hard to describe really.

After we finished our practice flights we moved the planes over to a local hanger were the processing was taking place. After getting the paperwork sorted out we had the planes measured, weighed (My primary was 4970 grams and backup was 4890gr.) and the receivers checked out (?) and TX’s checked for correct frequency.

We all passed inspection and then headed out to have some pictures taken with both the planes and our supporters.

There was a lot of interest in my construction techniques... I think.

We had to have a special “high security” pass obtained for all team pilots and managers. Not sure why but it was a pretty straight forward process for us as we just had to stop at the Terminal on the way out.

We then headed back to Galvez to put in some practice flights. The Italians and Brazilians were already there but they made room for us for a couple flights. The gals headed into Galvez and then back to the flying site for the opening ceremonies.

We joined the throng of teams on the terminal ramp and marched via escort into the main area under the music of a live band. A large crowd had gathered an all were treated to some nice short speeches and then some very entertaining kit aerobatics, aircraft fly by’s and a parachute demonstration. It was very well done and a nice break from the usual practice regime.

I managed to get a picture for my son Kris who is in the Maldives flying… hope this works : -)

Early dinner and off to bed.. round one tomorrow!