Sunday, March 29, 2009

E-Fest Sunday

First off I'll post the results of the Precision Aerobatics portion from Saturday...




Sunday morning started off in usual fashion with a quick stop at Starbucks for java! Robyn then dropped Mark and I off at the flying venue and headed back to the hotel to relax and pack up. Both her and Kelly had a nice breakfast and then came over for the rest of the flying day. We started off with our second round of freestyle aerobatics and it was a a blast. It was in this round that we had the very rare experience of witnessing Chad bury his foamie! He was almost finished a great performance when the push should have been a pull! Ha! (Ya that's never happen to any of us..right?) We all had a good laugh as he set about making repairs.

Chad went on to win the freestyle portion with Mark Byrne coming second and Jon Harwood third! All the participants really enjoyed the competition and it was fun to observe the different flying styles and music interpretations.

Next up was the obstacle course that Mike Allman set up...mmm looked easy enough but in reality no one got through it! Maybe not so hard next time hey Mikey. The small crowd and competitors really got into this event and as much fun as it was it was major carnage as planes tried to maneuver through the course. Steve Lyne had a blast flying in it but his foamy suffered from some "slight" damage.

Chad, Mark and I think it was Mike that came out the winners in this event.
I think it's safe to say everyone that participated came out winners. Going forward, I believe this event will help provide a focus for indoor fliers around the province and hopefully attract more participants next year. It will now be a "must go" event for those involved in the indoor rc scene. A big THANK YOU to the High Country Flyers, Kamloops Model Airplane Society and the Vernon RC Airmodelers Society for putting on this event. Great job by all involved with a special thanks to both Norm Bryson and Mike Allman for making us feel right at home. Also a big thanks to the folks in Kamloops for building this great facility!
I have added more pictures on Picasa so check them out.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

E-Fest Saturday

Hi folks

No computer at the the venue so updates were non existent... sorry.

A shot of the venue and the pilots meeting held in the morning. Norm and Mike take the pilots through the rules and the planned program events for Saturday. We were all very excited to get flying as the venue was the biggest one we had ever flown at. According to a fellow pilot, they had over 45 pilots signed up throughout the day.

Mike ran the Precision Aerobatics side and Norm had the slow fliers taking charge of the other end on the venue. We had lots of practice time and enjoyed burning electrons . The three classes of PA flew throughout the day and after three rounds Mike announced the winners. (I'll get some shots of the score sheet tomorrow as my mind is numb right now and I don't trust my memory!) Let's see.... Chad 1st etc etc.. :-)

We finished off the evening with our first round of Free Style and had lots of fun watching the planes do there stuff to a 2 minute music selection. Although there was numerous carnage type incidents everyone had a great time today. This event will become a great motivator for all us indoor type I think! We are all beat now but I've upload some pictures at the picassa site (so check the link to the right of this page.) I will not put captions on right now as I am heading to the rack.

Chad & Nedim pose before the action started.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thompson Okanagan Electric Festival (E-Fest) Friday the 27th

Hi folks

I will attempt to give some general reports and an overview of the event for those that are unable to attend. As this is a fun event I won't get to serious about the results but focus on the general goings on.

We started with an early rise to catch the first ferry out of Swartz Bay to the Mainland. Mark and Robyn picked us up and then we met up with Jon Harwood and his son Jake as well as Steve Lyne for a visit to the buffet :-)

The trip was quick & easy with a couple Geocaching stops along the way. We arrived at 1400 and unloaded the truck at our hotel on the hill. It's fairly close to the flying facilities so this will work well for us! We met up with Brad Begeint and headed to a local pub for lunch.

Before dinner we had a chance to tour the facilities and I must say it was huge! Looking forward to the size! No walls of low ceilings to hit i this place. Dinner at Ric's Grill with Mike Allman and his dad Al and mom Vicky. Great meal followed by an early bed as we are all tired from the trip.

I'll update when I can and get some pictures posted as well.