Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Bud Garric Pattern Classic - Thursday

Up around 8 and headed down for a free breakfast in the hotel. It was surprisingly good! Showered up and now heading back to the airport and the rental car pickup. Should be on the road by 11ish or so. ETA Placerville is ???

Managed to get out of the car rental area at 1050 local with our Nissan Altima. Nice smooth little car with lots of power. Anyway we managed to easily move through SFO via Hwy 101 and on to the Bay Bridge. The east bound lanes are on the bottom so the view was rather limited. Anyway onto Hwy 80 and within an hour I was parked in the Premium Outlet at Vacaville mall (at exit 505 ;-) ) Coach, Tommy Bahamas etc., etc. Kelly was in her glory! I blogged :-)

We arrived at around three at the Capone “estate”… simply beautiful place nestled in the outskirts of Placerville. We had a little social with both the Hughson’s and Capone’s then started putting the plane together.

Even found a nice place to store it:-)

Off to practice tomorrow.

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