Thursday, July 17, 2008

We made it.. again!.

I write this as we scream along at 37,000 feet heading to Toronto.

I was up at O’dark thirty for our 0530 departure out of Victoria. Kelly even got up to see me off with a very puzzled dog in tow. Mark & Robyn picked me up and we headed to the airport. We were the first to check in and it was a quick & easy process. We had great connection to the 0700 flight to Toronto and plan to update the blog on arrival. With the tailwind we will have almost three hours to collect our planes and get processed through customs.

Ok so there was no “free” internet at the GTAA run Terminal arghh! Anyway we stopped for some dinner before catching our flight to Indianapolis.

Mark relaxing.

Baggage and planes all arrived and we hit the Thriftys Car Rental. In and out in 10 minutes and we left the airport at 20:05 local. Smooth drive up in a new loaded Dodge Caravan and we arrived at the hotel in Muncie at 21:15.
Unpacked the planes (they were in perfect shape BTW) and it was off to WalMart to stock up on supplies. No packs to charge so after we returned we got the planes assembled and did some blogging/email stuff.
Not sure what it is with Mark and toilet plungers but it's been quite hectic around here... anyway we are beat and heading for the rack.

Type later.


The Reaville's said...

Ah yes... Mark! We've seen this movie before, did he get a plug for the tub!!

The Reaville's said...

Nice seat Mark, you look like a "real" FAI pilot!

faif3a said...

Great to see everything made it down OK. Hope the flying weather is as nice as it is up here!