Friday, July 18, 2008

First practice day!

We met up with Chad & Nedim at the Signature Inn to retrieve the battery packs. They had actually arrived in Muncie on Thursday night but due to a “miscommunication” we thought they would arrive today. Hit IHOP for breakfast and had Jason Shulman stop by for a visit.

Chad broke the news that Ivan Kristensen will now compete at the Team Trials in August. Ivan will be flying Chad’s backup Integral for the next month as he prepares for the trials. Great to have him back in the air after his misfortune of late.

Chad finished soldering up some “new” packs and then it was off to Walmart again to pick up a few items. We are regulars now! We then headed to the practice site and spent the remainder of the day working on our flying skills.

The weather was hot, about 31° C with a south west wind so the sunscreen was put to good use!We did some judging on everybody’s rounds and worked on remedies after the flights. All in all it was a good day of flying.

We packed up and headed back to the hotel to unload and start charging and grab a bite to eat. We met up with the Shulman folks for dinner and then made plans for our practice day Saturday.

Went by this place today but decided not to stop.... :-)

Read on folks....
Addendum… Ok I have been informed that my blog was “lame” and basically lack the punch that it needed to captivate the audience… ok then I’ll add some more details of the day… hopefully this will help everyone understand the pressures we face at this National Competition.

Although I reported that there was no damage to our planes I was a bit off the mark. One airplane suffered severe damage when the fuse was snapped in half and the rudder completely dislodged.

Here is a picture of the damage.

Fortunately Chad had just received a new glue gun and was dying to try it out…. so on went the special 4 inch mixing nozzle and the glue was liberally applied. It is safe to say that this is complete overkill but Chad’s face, as the glue swirled down the mixing tube was like a kid in the candy store. Ah…toys & tools!

We decided to take it for a test flight and although Ivan was not here we let the next guy take it for a flight :-)

Chad then went through the P sequence…. working hard on his loops.

Additional packs arrived in a shipment and Chad & Nedim went to work putting them together, first by removing the Deans Connectors and then soldering on the lame 6 mm bullets. Here is a shot of the secret packs… 2p configuration I believe.

Chad did fly them and the results were very positive according to his data logger.

Although dinner was late (finished at 10 pm local) we headed back to the hotel and started the charge process once again. Nedim and Chad returned to the Signature Inn and spent the next few hours pinning his backup ships wings. They hit the rack about 1 A.M…. a little later than Chad’s self imposed 10 P.M. curfew.

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