Saturday, July 19, 2008

Second practice day

Up at 7:40 to shower, shave and load the planes & gear. We headed to the IHOP again then met up with the boys for breakfast. After that Mark and I headed for the field while Chad & Nedim met with Jason to get even more packs… never have enough you know!

We meet up with some of the D-7 boys outside the hotel... Jerry Budd, John Carter and Krishlan Fitzsimmons were heading to the AMA site then off to another practice field. Not sure if we would meet up with them later today.

For markers at the field (to help lay out the 60 degree box lines) we had picked up some broom handles and foam from Walmart . Here is a shot of our left field marker…. Hey Coltin… recognize him? :-)

A shot of my battery case… lots of flights as we are able to charge onsite… very handy

Technical Stuff

One of the new things we see Chad working on is a variation of the Rasa folding prop assembly. The twist is that the folding prop is mounted the same way as a regular prop instead of the motor mounted version. The prop is very narrow when compared to the APC version and about 30 grams lighter. Chad says this “helps reduce the reactionary torque produced by the prop”.

Because the blades naturally fall into a “balanced or self centered position” there is little imbalance or vibration issues as the blades track perfectly. Also the spool up is quicker and the prop draws approximately 5 amps less with the added bonus of 300 additional RPM. Maybe a variable pitch version will appear down the road… never know.

We ended up taking cover as a thunder shower & high winds battered us for 20 minutes… I had taken some pictures but sadly I left the SD card in my laptop… trust me it rained hard!

We packed up early and headed back to Muncie for a big dinner at the Olive Garden. An early night was planned with more charging… see a theme here?

Mark hauls up the planes to our room... he is good!

Also I added some additional info on yesterdays blog.... scroll down and check it out!

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