Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ok Marko’s doing heavy maintenance on his ship but will log on later to update flight orders and other details… seems one anxious fan wants to hear from him. (See comments section)

Until he comes on I guess I will just have to do …

Hit the IHOP again for an early breakfast and was joined by fellow team pilot Dezso Vaghy. We also met up with some other flyers as well. Chad & Nedim joined us and following breakfast headed to the practice field.

Dez has a few new modifications on his Prestige as he looks for any and all advantages he can get to make his plane perform. These include a new large Canalizer that is attached to the fuse to increase stability in knife edge.

He also attached a strip type leading edge device that creates more drag on the clean wings of his Prestige. This is to solve some turbulence penetration issues he has had.

We found the new canalizer wing most advantageous when it came time for lunch… as you can see it doubles as a convenient table. In fact we have now renamed it the “Table-izer”!

Sorry no table cloth…. It was the one thing Chad did not bring!

Chad also had Dez bring down some graphics for his Integral… Nedim helped out and they had it all done in less than an hour. Here is a picture of it all done up.

We put in numerous practice rounds and I tried my best to unravel my crappy three rolls (opposite). Seems I have forgotten how to do it.. arghh. With help from Chad & Mark I managed to sort it out and will hammer it hard tomorrow.

With threatening skies we packed up early and headed to the AMA site to pick up our pilot packages. This shows all the groups in the matrix and who flies where and when. Both Mark Chad and I will fly together with Dez, Nedim and Harry on the other line.

Dinner was at the Texas Roadhouse and once again I ate way too much. One more stop at Wal-Mart for liquids and clothes for Mark and it was back to the hotel to charge and do some maintenance on Mark’s Twister. (Connector issues between the ESC & motor.)

Harry Ells arrived and we had a little gab session while Chad did some soldering on Marks motor connectors. All good!

We plan to hit the AMA site tomorrow and pick up some Nats shirts and other goodies… may even get a flight or two in as well. I am hitting the rack… Mark will update probably tomorrow sometime with info on the event flying.

More pictures posted on Picasa.

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I know you are sitting in the hotel come the blog is not updated....lazy DA! :)