Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mark's up first!

Up at 6 and at flying site # 3 for our first flights. Several of the contestants are already setting up when we arrived. We are sitting beside Quique on the flight line so if we need tips we will just ask!

Blogger Dave

Flight line.

Standby for more from the flightline... Mark is up first on line A.....

Ok Mark had a solid first flight... minor errors but a good showing even though I could hear his knees knocking :-) Chad was up next had a solid round as usual. Once again minor issues with some elements shaved some points off but a decent flight. I once again struggled with the rolls (too slow) and had a generally poor round. Just not going to happen this flight. Anyway my second round was much better and I leave the 3# site with mixed results. Mark had an ok round but had a few rough elements. We decided that our dropped rounds are gone and we have to work hard on tomorrow's flights. Chad had a better round and scored better. A mixed day all around.

No info on the other line.... yet.

Chad on the Site 3 “A”flightline

Chad readies for his first flight of P with Mark calling. Chad had a pretty solid round….those books must be helping… wonder if I can borrow them ;-)

Chad flies, Mark calls.

The flight line was finished by about 10:30 so we got our scores and headed for lunch with Dez. Never did see Harry or Nedim but Chad was off to judge Masters on site #1 so we left. IHOP again for lunch… hey it’s fast :-)

Off to practice as my three rolls and down line snap need some attention. We met up with the club president and his buddies and joined in for some flights. They were in awe of the super quiet electrics:-)

Headed home after numerous flights and met up with the other canucks. we went to the Olive Garden and then back to Chad's place to review scores...
Chad 915, 958
Dez 898, 890
Nedim 851, 788
Harry 806, 738
Mark 822, 787
Dave 785, 836
We will update as time permits tomorrow.

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