Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 2 – Rounds 3 & 4

Up early again as I am up third on Line 1 followed by right away by Mark. Wind was now blowing in and everyone was working hard to maintain distance. Both Mark and I had solid 3rd rounds. Chad was on his game and flew well. Dez had a good flight and both Nedim and Harry flew pretty well but got blown in quite a bit.

Round #4 was probably my worst round as I missed both snaps due to snap switch (brain) not engaged arghh. Anyway that’s sort of been the theme for me this trip. Mark had a solid fourth round along with probably the best round of P flown by Chad on the B line… very nice from my vantage point.

Dez had a pretty good round with Nedim improving as well as Harry. We all thought Harry was going to take out the pilot station as he made his approach in the strong crosswind!

We had a group shot taken and then planed to have lunch at the field. The Semi-finalists will be announced at this site so we will await the results. I’ll post them as soon as I see them.
The Masters guys are starting to show up and get ready for the afternoon flights on this site so we are packing up and giving them room.

Ok change of plans… off to the practice field to watch Chad & Dez practice F-09. We know Chad is in for sure (he uses his cell phone calculator to compute the data) and are 99% sure Dez made it as well although we did not stay until the semi-final competitors had been announced. Mark and I took the opportunity to discharge our packs and I muddled my way through F a couple times in a strong blowout condition. It was fun and I provided some additional humor to the afternoon!

We have now flown for the last time at the 2008 Nats and after 60 some odd flights between the two of us we are better off for the experience. It was a great time and although I wish I could have done better, we look forward to cracking the semi’s some day… until then its practice, practice, practice.

We packed up and headed back to the hotel and dinner at Chilli's … I even made it to the pool for a dip! Planes are all packed, batteries ready to ship and chargers put away.

Results to date have been posted on RCU at
See the last post by Jason. Chad finished P-09 in 10th, Dez 19th, Mark 26th, myself 27th, Nedim 30th and Harry in 32nd position.
Both Chad and Dez move to the semi finals tomorrow morning and then both Mark and I judge Masters in the afternoon. It will be another long day for us!


faif3a said...

Watching and cheering from the sidelines guys! Thanks for doing the blog, it's almost like being there...


CRC Frank said...

Hi Dave & Mark. Enjoying reading the daily BLOG. Keep up the great flying.
Looking forward to see you both sometime soon.

faif3a said...

So, how did the scores come out?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, nice hat, where did you find that?
Keep up the good work guys, always look forward to reading about your exploits.