Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tech Support Update

Well it's been over 3 weeks since Dave last saw his F3A packs that he sent by UPS Canada to Argentina. This was done to ensure that they would be here when we arrived ready for practice on November 5th. Dave's wife (Kelly) received a sheepish telephone call a couple of days ago from the UPS representative in B.A. that the shipment has been sent back to Canada at no charge this after many emails and even a telephone call to the Canadian Consulate to try and access the shipment.
It's a good job that we had a back up plan otherwise Dave would have been scrambling to borrow packs from other pilots. We did manage to talk to Colin McGinn of FlightPower who came to cover the semi finals and finals for the company. Colin told us that FlightPower UK sent 19 sets of F3A packs with banners, hats, shirts etc. to support the pilots using their products at the event and these mysteriously disappeared in the Argentina customs. A second shipment was sent and received here by one of the teams using the FlightPower products but we had no idea that they were available. Colin was very supportive in our situation and the company will support us in replacing any of the product we have lost. Thanks Colin!

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