Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heading home. Day 4

Our last day here started with the usual morning breakfast. We couldn't get on the internet at all so headed up to start packing the bags once we finished eating. Due to the large amount of shopping that a certain someone has done over the past two weeks we are now in "jettison mode". Lint brush, shaving cream, shampoo bottles, clothing bags/boxes etc. will be left behind in an effort to evade those nasty "overweight airline surcharges"!

I popped down with Mark and we were able to get back on-line.. hence this blog posting. I'll update throughout our journey home.

We checked out of the hotel on schedule at shortly after noon. Our rentals were brought forward to the front of the hotel on Cerrito street. Once we loaded our gear we were quickly on No 9 De Julio heading towards the Obelisco (The giant monument in the center of the city.) This was a crazy ride as there are so many lanes, well marked by the way, but it’s just a guide. You basically take your section of the ground and “maintain” position behind the vehicle in front. It’s like NASCAR as the speeds are only slowed by traffic lights. BTW this is the only place we witnessed people actually completely stopping at red lights. Once the light turns red, a throng of pedestrians make their way across in front of you. They walk with purpose much like Kelly heading to the shops on day one in Buenos Aires J The locals also have an innate sense of when the light will turn green and they must be clear of the cross walk or be crushed under the onslaught of automobiles! Organized chaos as Robyn once described it.

In short order we were on No 25 De Mayo and heading directly to the airport. A quick fuel stop ensued and we hit the departure area. The Thrifty Car guy showed up and after some paperwork was done we headed for the check in counter with all our gear.

Ok so it’s 13:30 and the check in counter opens at 15:00.??? So much for the “Get there early” stuff we were told.. arrghh. We were pretty much first in line and one of the baggage guys help us get the plane boxes squared away and prepped. He also helped out with the agent when it came time to put them through security. He was most helpful and received a nice tip $$.

We headed back towards the gate and spotted the Australian Team with all their planes in deep discussion with an airline official. Turns out they did not remove their 4 stroke engines (only cleaned them out.) We tried to help but all our tools (Allen keys) had already been checked. We wished them luck and went to the gate feeling a little remorseful for not being able to help out their team. It may be a long night for those folks.
The flight departed on schedule and we enjoyed the new in-flight entertainment system this aircraft had. A refreshing change from the blank seat back I looked at for 13 hours coming down from Toronto to Buenos Aires. I prepped our blog update on our way over to Santiago, Chile We will stop for an hour or so and re-board the same plane for the flight to Toronto. I looked around for our camera and after searching through all our bags realized it’s gone missing.
In reflection, I had taken a picture of Mark flaked out in the waiting lounge and must have left it behind when we boarded the plane in Buenos Aires. I notified the airline when we got to Santiago and will leave it in their hands… never know it might turn up someday.
The Canadian Team.

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