Thursday, November 22, 2007

Heading Home Day 5

Once we hit Toronto we had to wait a long time for the planes to be delivered to the oversize area. We then scrambled to clear customs, recheck bags, go through security again and then find the gate. The weather was dreadful with freezing rain and snow and a world apart from were we had just been. Mark looked a little out of place in his shorts!

Our connecting flight was waiting for us and we were one of the last people on board. With the crappy weather making a considerable impact on operations at Pearson Airport we final got airborne at 11:02 local or 2 hours late after they sprayed the airplane…. I believe there were lots of delays today.

Our flight out of Vancouver to Victoria was changed to accommodate the delayed arrival but we just headed right to the gate as there was a flight leaving in 20 minutes (12:00). We were given new boarding passes and headed to the plane. The baggage and planes had already been loaded!!! I have to say it was an awesome job by the Air Canada folks.

Lauren and Sid met us at the airport and we gathered all our stuff. Said our goodbyes to Mark & Robyn and headed home. Checked the planes out (well actually I had to unpack the planes so Kelly could get at her shopping and everything was in good shape. We are all beat from the long trip and will relax the day away… a nap may be in order.

I’ll plan a review of my trip in the coming days….. suffice to say it exceeded my expectations beyond anything I imagined.


Ivan Kristensen said...

Welcome home Dave and Team Canada. Thanks again for all the wonderful blogs you were so diligent in posting!

You have gotten me all exited about pattern again to the extent that I am looking at all the websites I can find offering the current crop of RTF pattern airplanes for sale.

Dave said...

Hi Ivan

We enjoyed keeping both you and all other pattern fans up to date on the trip. It was fun and a great experience all round.

Thanks for the comments.


BTW Both Mark and I strongly suggest this for your next airplane... :-)