Monday, July 27, 2009

Pattern In the Valley 2009

Hi folks

I am unable to update my shaw server south of the border so this will have to do until I get home. I have uploaded the pictures I took of the PITV event this past weekend. Go here to view them.

Special thanks to Ron Kennedy for sharing some of his pics for everyone to enjoy.

We had a great turnout with 24 total flyers including 8 in FAI. The weather was hot and then wet :-) Saturday but we managed 6 rounds after dodging some low clouds on Sunday morning.

Also Xavier sent this link for pictures of the Oakville Contest. Go here to view them.

Many rain delays but still 2 flights on each day, thanks to a good organization.
Thanks Xavier!

Also hit the link on the right side of this page for Chad's blog...he actually made updates after the event started!!!! Yes I's shocking!

I have one more week of vacation and then it's back to the grind. I'll update the results page as soon as possible with both of these recent contests.

Dave on vacation.

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