Saturday, March 28, 2009

E-Fest Saturday

Hi folks

No computer at the the venue so updates were non existent... sorry.

A shot of the venue and the pilots meeting held in the morning. Norm and Mike take the pilots through the rules and the planned program events for Saturday. We were all very excited to get flying as the venue was the biggest one we had ever flown at. According to a fellow pilot, they had over 45 pilots signed up throughout the day.

Mike ran the Precision Aerobatics side and Norm had the slow fliers taking charge of the other end on the venue. We had lots of practice time and enjoyed burning electrons . The three classes of PA flew throughout the day and after three rounds Mike announced the winners. (I'll get some shots of the score sheet tomorrow as my mind is numb right now and I don't trust my memory!) Let's see.... Chad 1st etc etc.. :-)

We finished off the evening with our first round of Free Style and had lots of fun watching the planes do there stuff to a 2 minute music selection. Although there was numerous carnage type incidents everyone had a great time today. This event will become a great motivator for all us indoor type I think! We are all beat now but I've upload some pictures at the picassa site (so check the link to the right of this page.) I will not put captions on right now as I am heading to the rack.

Chad & Nedim pose before the action started.

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