Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Team Trials - Epilogue

Hi again folks

We slept in today... it was great and a nice change to have a relaxed start to the day . Mark made his special scrambled egg dish with bacon and it was very good. I think Mark should cook for us all the time!

I was busy getting the FedEx package organised while Harry gave the guys a tour of his work shop in the basement. With the planes all packed and the van loaded we said our goodbye's and headed to Pearson Airport.

A quick stop at FedEx then over to Terminal 1 to drop the rental van off. Dinged for $100 each for our plane boxes we checked in and headed to our gate. A quick bite and a beer and we left Toronto.

After a stop in Vancouver we connected to our Victoria flight and Robyn picked us up. She dropped me at home and after a short discussion decided that the European Championships next year would make for a great trip.... stay tuned :-)

I'll finish with a big THANK YOU to the Ells for their hospitality and thanks to all those the did the hard work to run this event. Hope everyone enjoyed the blog.

Mark says he will make some comments on the trip when he recovers :-)


Anonymous said...

On the advise of the Canadian Champion, I'm going to take a few months to reflect on the pros and cons of the experience.

So until then...........


Robyn said...

Dave, once again you did a great job of keeping all of us informed. I'm looking forward to watching you & Mark fly in Europe next year :-)

Nedim said...

Great job in reporting Dave.

BTW, Europian Championships are in every two years therefore the next one will be in 2010! Which Europian country are you going to represent?

Anonymous said...

Hummmm, I wonder if my UK passport is still valid????


Dave said...

Hi Nedim

I am not sure which country to adopt just yet. Maybe Ola Fremming needs another pilot.

That said I will probably be at the team trials that weekend :-)


Anonymous said...

After this weekend I am surprised anyone would take my advice :)