Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day One ... by Dave

Out of the rack at 05:45 in preparation for day one of competition. Now this is about the time when our team manager Harry Ells is heading towards the flying site in the dark carrying his team's transmitters. This is the downside to the team managers position because each and every day that a team member competes, his TX must be in impound by 06:30 I believe. I am sure Rosemary deserves a medal as she does the driving!

I met up with Mark in the hallway after he returned from his 04:30-06:00 blog & e-mail session. Mark also did some tech work for Duralite as well. We loaded the car with our gear then headed for the buffet breakfast in the hotel. We were joined by our spouses and fellow team members.

We departed the hotel at 0700 for the twenty minute drive to the flying site. Chad had already gone ahead as he was scheduled to fly at about 07:50. We all arrived in plenty of time to help support him and cheer on our team mate. Harry handled all the logistics of picking up the transmitters etc so we had time to relax once our planes were put together.

Chad gets into the mental game.

Things progressed at a steady pace and I was pretty calm for the most part. We watched Chad fly first and then Dez follow with both returning to cheers from the massive (well ok... massive sounding) Canadian contingent!

As my flight time was approaching I tried to concentrate on the elements and went through the sequence numerous times using my Precision Aerobatics Tia Chi .... you know the right hand becomes the airplane and you fly it around the sky kind of routine.

The planes were first checked for correct voltage (see Chad's get checked on left) and when the previous plane landed, Mark packed my airplane over for the sound check. I applied full throttle (with the sound guy watching my every move to ensure compliance!) and I passed the sound test... never did see my db. (94db on pavement is the limit)

It was show time and I quickly went about my business and posted a fairly good first flight. Some in and out for distance but I managed to control it fairly well. Some of my roll rates were inconsistant and I'll work on that next flight. Mark did a great job of calling and has been an incredible help for me on this trip.

We met up with the US squad and had a group picture.

All in all a pretty good start for me and a lot of the "mystery" was quickly removed. I have not seen my scores yet as they are having some issues getting all the data out. I look forward to tomorrows flight.

As both Kelly and I have spent years in pipe bands performing at Remembrance Day services, we are remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrafice so we can live in freedom. We understand even more the importance on this day.

Lest we forget.


Anonymous said...

Great work guys! When you find out the scores, or know where they're posted, please post it on your blog. Glad to hear your first flight was a good one Dave, good luck with tomorrow's flight.

Cheering from afar,


Anonymous said...

I wait to read about your adventures everyday Dave. I'ts almost like being there with you.
Good luck Team Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to post on the blog everyday. It sounds very exciting!!! Good Luck