Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 5 - Semi's Practice

We are all up for breakfast at 0700. We will head to Galvez to assist and support Chad as he prepares to compete in the semi finals on Friday. Mark and I plan to take our new kites and work on our synchronized kite flying.... because the swimming thing isn't working for me :-)

We expect to see the Japanese and Italian teams practicing as well. The girls are going shopping of course.

Update... Ok so our plans changes somewhat.... we decided that a return to San Lorenzo was the best bet at uninterupted practice for Chad. Dez & Xavier also made the trip down to burn off some voltage prior to the trip home. Xavier got a chance to fly in the southern hemisphere and was having a lot of fun with Dezso's Prestige. Chad put in 9 rounds and was looking good as we all tried to offer constructive critisism . Nice clean snaps with well flown rollers. He is ready.

We also managed to get the kites out that we purchased at the main flying site. As the winds are still howling it was the perfect stress reliever for us all. Mark and I have now moved from the pool area to syncronized kite flying.

Chad is up on Line "B" at about 09:00 local tomorrow so it of to bed early for the whole gang.
I finally had a cold alchoholic beverage following my final flight on Wednesday... I have been abstaining in preparation for the event. So even though it may look like I had a couple of drinks in the picture on Robyn's blog ... nothing could be farther from the truth. The team comes first.
I'll update in the a.m.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck Chad, go get em.
Dave and Mark, I still think you'r having waaay to much fun. See you when you get home guys.