Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day #2 Practice.

We had planned to depart at 8 am the next morning but elevator problems made loading a major pain. We are on the 11th floor and need good coordination to get everything down. I wanted to fly my backup today so both planes would make the trip. We finally left about 8:30
give or take.

Plane's loaded. The boxes, although not pretty, worked very well.

We headed to the Galvez Aeroclub field which is about half the distance south that we travelled the day before. Much quicker drive this a.m.!

We had just set up and started flying when the Italian team, along with the Portugal contingent arrived. They wanted a different flight line setup than what we had so we packed up and made a quick move to accomodate. Sebastiano Silvestri, Andrea Graselli and Luca Friggeri all managed several flights It was interesting watching the Italians launch their planes... verticaly... just like the foamies! I'll stick with the conventional departure until after the contest :-) I'll try and get some photos/video of it.

We all took turns getting in rounds when the weather started to turn on us. Rain showers came through and then it started raining continiously. We decided to pack it in and head home to Santa Fe. I did manage one flight with the backup plane but my glasses were so distorted with the rain that flying was less than desirable.
Charged batteries and managed a short sleep after getting some lunch. Harry & Rosemary were busy getting passport photos copied for the competitors.... appearantly the airport security folks needed it. Harry is also trying to help track down a package I had sent down. Dinner was Italian tonight... not because we saw the Italians but that was the restuarant we walked by ;-)

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